Questions to ask before hiring a letting agent.

August 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

  1. Are you qualified, please give details?
  2. Do you belong to any official trade bodies, please give details?
  3. Do you carry out referencing in-house or use an outside agency?
  4. What information do you collect for referencing?
  5. As a Landlord can I see the results of the reference checks?
  6. Do you provide a copy of the rental agreement to the landlord?
  7. How much do you charge and what does this cover?
  8. Do you add an additional charge to remedial work invoices?
  9. Who do you lodge deposits with?
  10. Who do you bank with and do you have a client account?
  11. How much unpaid rent has been incurred by the agency in the last five years?
  12. How soon after receiving rent do you pay the landlord?
  13. What is your process for rent chasing?
  14. Do you provide inventories, if so what type?
  15. Where do you advertise available property?
  16. Are viewings always accompanied?
  17. How often do you carry out property checks.
  18. What information do you provide to tenants when they rent a property?

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